The Best of Montreal’s McGill from a Recent Grad

I am a mere two days away from accepting my degree, three from leaving McGill and Montreal for good, and nine days away from leaving for Italy. So basically, in the next ten days I am leaving my current home, friends and everyday life behind in exchange for a home with a family I have yet to meet (they seem lovely though), a new country and a foreign language. Ahh change, who doesn’t love it? In honour of the amazing experiences I have had in Montreal and McGill, I decided to compose a love letter in the form of a list.

My list of the best McGill and Montreal experiences…


  • Getting your first “A” and feeling like you have conquered McGill
    • Only to quickly be reminded of your true place as a struggling student
  • Competing for your team in a Carnival event and feeling like a professional athlete as the crowds cheer you on
  • Visiting Tokyo for the first time in first year and discovering all that Montreal nightlife has to offer
  • Entering your second year and realizing that you should NEVER go back to Tokyo
  • Getting a table at OAP on a sunny day
    Credit: McGill Reporter, Daniel Kent
  • Working on your tan at Tam Tams
  • Mustering up the courage to finally attend a professor’s office hours
  • Realizing that weekend brunch in Montreal is offered until 3pm at most restaurants
  • Singing “Wagon Wheel” at Gerts
  • The first snowfall of the year, when you forget how cold you are and enjoy the winter wonderland around you
  • Singing “McGill Once” on your way to Beach Day
    • Everyday
      Credit: MUS McGill
  • Place Milton’s home fries
  • Seeing the sun rise (or set) from the mountain top
  • Being content with your tentative final schedule
    • Not that I would know, but I am told its wonderful
  • Leaving Mclennan feeling like you accomplished something
  • Finding a hidden gem of a café in the plateau
  • La Diperie
    Credit: La Diperie
  • Skating on the Lower Field rink
  • Terrasse season
    Credit: Aspen Camp
  • Finishing any night out with a poutine – Banquise or Frite Alors anyone?
  • Knowing that Shwartz’s is good, but The Main Deli might be even better, and is never lined-up
  • Realizing that being a Frosh Leader is waaaayyy better than being a Froshie
  • Taking a morning walk through the student ghetto on November 1st
  • Writing your last final
  • Seeing your grad photo and feeling an unexpected rush of pride


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